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Total Bath Hamper

Total Bath Hamper



Your Total Bath Hamper contains;

    • Bath Soft Cheese. A runny & gooey almost Brie like consistency with a creamy, mushroom and lemony taste.
    • Bath Oliver Biscuits. Crisp, Light and Great with Cheese
    • Honey Midford Cider with a sparkle. A Medium dry Cider with Sparkle.
    • Pickle Lilly. Mild mustard piccalilli; a veritable feast of fresh veggies... perfect for a Saturday lunch! 
    • Raspberry & Earl Grey Jam. An exquisite jam with an intense raspberry flavour, with subtle notes of Earl Grey Tea.
    • Choc on Choc Truffles.Triple chocolate brownie, Strawberry & Champagne & Salted Caramel.
    • White FudgeCrumbly, Light, Creamy traditional vanilla fudge *just like granny's!
    • Bath Breakfast Tea. Dark Mahogany infusion with strong, well balanced Assam flavour.
    • Henny & Joe Chai. Subtle spicing and beautifully balanced: this a cuddle and a pair of cosy socks.
    • Persuasion Ale. This is a well-balanced, crisp, fruity, moreish session golden ale: Light gold colour, white head, honey, citrus and summer fruits on the nose.


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